OCBG Off Flavor Course
6:00 PM18:00

OCBG Off Flavor Course

The Orange County Brewers Guild is dedicated to the education and promotion of the great craft beer movement happening in our county. Developing sensory analysis skills allows attendees to become familiar with common off beer flavors; an important key to understanding craft beer, its quality and importance of proper storage & handling. This course walks you through some basic off-flavors that can occur. At each class, seven different common off flavors will be tasted and discussed. This course lasts approximately 1.5 hours.

Off flavors presented will be: Acetaldehyde, D.M.S., Isoamyl, Contamination, Diacetyl, Papery, Light Struck


  • Be fragrance neutral
  • Participate regularly
  • Take sensory evaluation seriously
  • Take time and focus on the evaluation
  • Follow methods and instructions precisely
  • Rest and cleanse your palate


  • Eat, drink or smoke 30 minutes before the evaluation session
  • Use gum or mints 30 minutes before the evaluation session
  • Wear perfume, cologne or fragrance


NOTE: Attendees must be 21+. This seminar is non-transferable and non-refundable. Pre-registration is required.

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Chocolate & Beer Tasting
7:00 PM19:00

Chocolate & Beer Tasting

Craft Beer and Chocolate Pairing
February 15th (Thursday) at 7pm

5 Beer & Chocolate Pairings



We would like to invite you to our Chocolate and Craft Beer tasting event.  The tasting will be held Thursday February 15th at 7pm.  All attendees will receive 5 chocolates that have been picked to pair with unique Cismontane brews.  This is sure to be an amazing time for all you chocolate lovers and beer connoisseurs.    


Space is limited get your tickets now.

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