You can't be a brewer and not get a bit creative. We have done a few to say the least!

Below are a few examples... we will complete this with all the beers some day soon.


DOs Cone es1

Our American barleywine-style ale is IPA at its biggest, with close to 4lbs of hops per barrel, The extensive hop additions aren’t just bitter but add flavor and aroma, while the alcohol takes the edge off the malty sweetness. The additions of oak spirals post fermentation help to round out the beer making it surprisingly balanced. Dos Cone Es gets its name because it is a double “Dos” of the Coulter IPA, which is named after the largest pine “Cone” on earth..

11.5% ABV    135 IBU

Bottle Insta 2.jpg

smoking Santiago

Smoked Scotch ales are warming and hearty. The beer is malty, smooth with mellow smoke in the aroma and a nice sweet finish. Let the beer warm a bit to get the full experience of the complexity of the malt and smoke.

6.1% ABV    20 IBU


Double Rainbow

Taste all the flavors of the beer rainbow! Double Rainbow is liberally hopped and dry-hopped with Citra and Cascade hops for a complex and intense array of lemon peel, grapefruit juice, caramel and pine bitterness. Its striking reddish-copper color and billowing white head is second only to its intense citrus-driven aroma. Enjoy Double Rainbow in the sunshine after a cleansing day of rain.

8.6% ABV       111 IBU



With the help of Best Malz of Germany, we decided to shine the spotlight onto an often neglected component of great beer- THE MALT! Each release has an identical amount of a single malt with identical amounts of hops, water & yeast. The Single Malt Series allows beer enthusiasts to sample the wide range of flavors derived from 6 of the most popular base malts used by brewers across the globe.

4.2-5.5% ABV       15 IBU